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Was ist ein Luftballonfetisch?
Luftballonfetischisten sind Menschen mit einer Faszination für Luftballons – sie lieben es, sie aufzublasen, mit ihnen zu spielen und sie vielleicht irgendwann platzen zu lassen. Es gibt eine wunderbare Community an Luftballonliebhabern -oftmals auch Looner genannt- die gerne den Anblick von Frauen mit Luftballons genießen.

Looner lieben Luftballons und finden es sexy wenn hübsche Frauen sie aufblasen, Spaß an ihnen haben und sie schlussendlich mit lautem Knall zerplatzen zu lassen. Unser Publikum liebt es unseren Models dabei zuzusehen wie sie sexy Dinge mit Ballons anstellen und unsere treuen Mitglieder zahlen jeden Monat für schöne Videos von süßen Ladies, welche gerne ihren Spaß an Luftballons und aufblasbaren Pooltoys haben.

Als ein Model kannst du uns dabei helfen großartige neue Clips aufzunehmen in dem du mit vollem Einsatz und so sexy wie du kannst Luftballons aufbläst, mit ihnen spielst, vielleicht auf ihnen wie auf einem Pferderücken reitest und sie schlussendlich mit einem lauten Knall zerplatzen lässt!

Traust du dir das zu?

Was ist eigentlich ein Luftballonfetisch?
Unsere Ballon-Session
Benefits to become a looner model today
Make money from home without removing clothing
Be different
Do something fun and different
Start today
No experience required. ll teach you everything you need to know...
Balloon fetish is an extremely easy thing to model for. There's no nudity, no explicit sex scenes and no weird requests you have to deal with. It's simple, easy to learn, and lots of fun!
Imagine yourself lying on a bed, wearing your favorite dress (or sexy lingerie?) with high heels on your feet. You pull a balloon from a bag lying next to you. Do you choose blue? Orange? Pink?
You stretch the balloon, pulling the neck out to help the rubber relax. You smile and place the toy between your lips, then slowly begin to blow it up. Your cheeks puff out, your chest moves up and down as you slowly blow the balloon up. Once it's big and tight, shiny and beautiful, you tie it off.
You rub it against your body sexily, bring it to your lips and gently kiss it, leaving a bit of lipstick on its glossy surface. You run your long fingernails over the tight latex, teasing the camera as you threaten to pop it. Should you do it? Suddenly you squeeze and the balloon disappears, exploding into a hundred little pieces. You smile and pull another balloon from the bag...
Doesn't that seem easy?
Could you have a lot of fun as a looner model?
Balloon fetish is the easiest thing in the world to learn!

My name is Alissa, and I've been filming balloon fetish videos for over 12 years. I know all about the fetish and I will teach you everything you need to know to captivate our members when teasing them with a balloon.

Alissa K
balloon filming producer
Would you like to join our team?
All we need from you is your photo, some words and an audition video.
Send at least 3 photos of yourself from modeling portfolio.
Tell me a bit about yourself and why you are interested in this work.
Make a short video where you pop 1 balloon.

Either inflate it until it pops if you are able, or tie it and pop it in any way you choose*.
*These videos will never be posted or shared anywhere. These are private
audition photos and videos and your privacy is important.
Please note that we require proof or your age before we can hire you.
Requirements for balloon model
Balloon fetish isn't for everybody and we can't accept everyone who applies.

We're looking for sweet, coachable girls with great attitudes who love to have fun and be sexy. Balloons are a lot of fun and we want girls who are comfortable being the center of attention.

Models must also be willing to pop balloons. Does this sound like you? Then we'd love to meet you!
You must be 18+ to make videos...

But you are not making "adult" films, just simply playing with and popping balloons.
Ready to join?
Balloon fetish is easy and fun, and doesn't require you to get naked or perform explicit scenes... We're looking for fun, sexy women who are willing to learn how to tease an audience using balloons...

No experience required! We'll teach you everything you need to know... And we'll pay you to be a model!
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